Forever family friendship

wwny Forever family friendship

BRANTINGHAM LAKE, N.Y. (WWNY) - A summer experience nearly 40 years ago has created a forever family friendship.

It was a special reunion for the White family, which lives on Brantingham Lake.

They reconnected with Minna Mainonen, who’s from Finland.

Minna spent a summer with the White family back in 1981 as part of a cultural exchange program. They’ve kept in contact through the years.

Dottie and Gary White, who have two children of their own, call Minna their “Finnish second daughter.”

“Just a wonderful young person who has a good life in Finland going. Now my whole family is going over there to inundate her to see her over there,” said Dottie.

Minna lives about 300 miles from Helsinki.

The Whites say it’s a special relationship and between visits they stay connected with Minna through email and Facebook.

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