Prized poultry is something to crow about at Jefferson County Fair

wwny Prized poultry is something to crow about at Jefferson County Fair

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Roosters, chickens and ducks - almost 80 birds total - were shown off at the Jefferson County Fair Wednesday as a part of the 4H poultry show. The feathered creatures are there, in part, so people can learn.

“We have several breeds present that are kind of on the endangered list; they are heritage breeds, which means they were raised and developed by our forefathers and it’s really important to preserve those breeds for the future and to educate children about them,” said Jeannine McKnight, poultry and rabbit superintendent.

Children have been coming and learning with their families for years. Brother and sister Dawson and Katherine Rastley both presented a duck to the judge.

“It’s fun and I enjoy it,” said Dawson.

"It’s nice because some people who don’t know about them, you can, like, tell them, and it’s exciting to them, and it also makes you feel better because you’re teaching someone,” said Katherine.

Teaching about the parts of animals like her Khaki Campbell duck and that not all of these birds are what some people think they are.

“I get a lot of people in the general public thinking all roosters are mean or even some of the hens are mean, and that experience isn’t necessarily what you will find here, it depends on the breed. You could get really nice animals that are fun to have around, you know, that aren’t going to peck you and chase you,” said McKnight.

So beyond the animals, the fair has amusement rides and, Thursday, there will be a special on the midway.

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