Teens learn about zoologist careers this summer

wwny zoo teens

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Teens don't usually find career planning to be very fun, but the Thompson Park Zoo is changing that.

The new program Zoo Teens kicked off this week.

Nearly 30 teens get to spend the summer learning about career planning and, specifically, zoologist careers.

It’s a win-win because while the students are learning, they’re also volunteering.

“So teens get to come in and volunteer to help the keepers take care of the animals and just do some housekeeping tasks, then we get assigned to one of the zookeepers and we get to go with them for the day and help them for half of the day,” said Jensen St. Croix, member of the Zoo Teen program.

Organizers say the program is a great resume builder and teaches the importance of zoological careers.

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