Celebrating Cheese in Adams

Celebrating Cheese in Adams

ADAMS, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Adams Revitalization Committee had an idea ten years ago to bring in visitors.

A Cheddar Cheese Festival.

"We wanted people to come, see our village, see what we have to offer, and venture out into the sixth town area surrounding the village," said Adams Revitalization Committee President Liz Walker.

Adams is home to a manufacturing plant for Great Lakes Cheese, which pumps out world renowned cheddar.

The festival celebrates that, and is a chance for people to enjoy a day of music and other products.

To no surprise, the cheese stand commanded a lengthy line.

“Last year we had people here from North Carolina,” Walker said.

For seven years, the South Jefferson Rescue Squad has been putting on a unique fundraiser at the festival.

Corporate donors can pay up to 100 dollars to enter a wooden duck into the Cheezy Duck Race.

Winners receive a trophy they keep until next years race and every duck purchase helps support the rescue squad.

“A new ambulance is almost $240,000,” said squad president Christopher Castle. “And that's without any equipment on it.”

Sophia Boujenah got herself a duck and entered the race. She says she didn't let the results ruin her day.

"Well, I didn't win,” Boujenah said. “But it looked pretty fun."

Almost 400 people entered the duck race, and many more enjoyed the festival.

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