Watertown police: woman was attacked at Thompson Park

wwny Watertown police: woman was attacked at Thompson Park

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Watertown police say a woman was attacked last Friday while walking on a trail in Thompson park after sunset, but before the park closed.

Detective Lieutenant Joe Donoghue says police patrol the park and it’s as safe as any other neighborhood in the city.

“I would say it’s rare occurrence. We have had reports of different assaults in Thompson Park throughout the years there, but this is not a frequent event,” he said.

Police are unable to say if the victim was alone. She was treated Monday at Samaritan Medical Center and released.

While police are calling the incident an attack, Ivan French spoke up for the alleged victim at Monday’s Watertown City Council meeting and called it a rape.

“During the hours of the park that was open - knocked out cold and raped - something is going to be done. I want cameras at every entrance of that park,” he said.

Mayor Joe Butler Jr. says the attack is unfortunate and disconcerting

“If there is a crime like this committed, we want to do everything we can to defend the victim and go after the perpetrator,” he said.

Like Donoghue, Butler says he believes that park is safe place, especially during the day.

“I view this as an unusual incident, something out of the ordinary and not the norm, but we will take care of this situation and certainly monitor others and if it’s a problem up there, we will take care of it,” said Butler.

The alleged victim lost her phone in the attack, but it was returned to her.

Donoghue says that police are looking to talk to the person who returned it because it might help police get a better idea of where the attack occurred.

Anyone with information about the incident is asked to call Watertown police.

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