Man who lost Watertown home to unpaid taxes could get it back

Homeowner may get property back

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - There's a chance that a Watertown man who lost a property due to unpaid taxes wiill be able to get that property back.

The city took ownership of 302 High Street when Thomas Chiarelly missed a deadline to pay more than $4,000 in back taxes. Chiarelly went to city council members asking for help.

Now he says he has the money he owes and Mayor Joe Butler says he'd be willing to work out a deal where Chiarelly buys his property back for that unpaid tax amount.

The deal would need the city council's approval and could happen in August, according the the mayor, as long as Chiarelly gets the ball rolling by sending the city a letter with a formal purchase offer.

"These people on the city council and the mayor, they actually took the time and listened to what I had to say," Chiarelly said. "They spoke to me after the city council meeting and they appreciated the position I was in and they said they were going to take a look at it and they did."

Chiarelly says his situation isn’t uncommon and while he’s happy he’s got a chance to get his property back, he says city lawmakers have to look at allowing delinquent taxpayers to pay in installments.

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