Man brings vintage music poster collection to Thousand Islands

wwny Man brings vintage music poster collection to Thousand Islands

CLAYTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - A 52 year old Bob Dylan poster is one of Darden MacWade's favorite from his collection.

“All the memories came flooding back,” he said.

The memories are of 50 years of gathering music posters from a job at a record label, his own record shop, or at a concert.

Early rock and roll, hard rock, pop and even comedy are represented, with some true legends around the room.

“I’d see one. I like that. I’m going to keep it, and there you go. Next thing you know I have just over 100,” said MacWade.

He says by shear accident the collection grew. He has brought 74 with him to the Thousand Islands Art Center in Clayton.

The full exhibit is called Outta Sight - a unique show for the art center.

“You know you’re always trying to attract a new crowd to your organization, so I think this will bring all the boomer’s who can relate to all these posters and the music, and also a younger crowd that considers this the best music ever made,” said Leslie Rowland, center executive director.

Whether it’s The Beatles, Elvis, or Simon & Garfunkel, it’s music MacWade wants to celebrate and share with the community.

“Music just grabs everyone of us. It speaks to us all on some level, and whether it’s a song, a group, an artist, an album. It just speaks to us,” he said.

All of the posters are on display and on sale until September 6.

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