Weathering the heat - how people are coping

wwny Weathering the heat - how people are coping

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It's hot and will probably get hotter.

A heat advisory took effect at noon Friday and is scheduled to last until 6 p.m. Saturday for Jefferson, Lewis, and Oswego counties and until 8 p.m. Saturday for St. Lawrence County.

People were flocking to the Watertown Fairgrounds to take advantage of a free cool-down.

“It’s hot. It’s definitely uncomfortable to be outside for more than a few minutes, so jumping in the pool, cooling off definitely helps to cope with it,” said Christina Nims, supervising lifeguard at the Farigrounds pool.

The Thompson Park splash pad was another popular spot.

And the beaches, with a cool breeze, provided a refreshing swim and a shaded playground.

“When the sun is out, it’s wicked, wicked hot, but right here in the shade it’s not bad,” said Markus Tanner.

Not everyone had the luxury of going to the pool, beach or splash pad.

Watertown has a number of construction projects going on all over the city and those workers were in the sun all day, but they had a good attitude about it.

"It's going to get worse," electrical worker Tommy Patch said. "At least there's a breeze right now making it comfortable."

“I don’t mind that it’s hot, we like it, the better the weather, the better the work,” said Shea Howley, who’s working on the Pearl Street bridge. “It sucks working in the rain, so when it’s warmer it’s alright, I like it, winter will be here before you know it.”

Murielle Fedorko works at an ice cream shop in Sackets Harbor- a sweet job for a hot day.

“Sometimes the heat is so overwhelming the ice cream gets soft, or it’s actually hotter in here than it is outside...Today is actually a good day, we’ve got the AC going,” she said.

So even if you’re feeling like the weather these next few days will be unbearable, just remember the words of Brooklyn Jennings, who was cooling off in the Fairgrounds pool, “It’s not too hot to go in the pool!”

These temperatures might be hard to stand right now, but north country summers don’t last long.

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