Saturday: Alcoa, Steelworkers ‘take a break’

Saturday: Alcoa, Steelworkers ‘take a break’
(Source: WWNY)

MASSENA, N.Y. (WWNY) - The United Steelworkers Union said early Saturday that negotiations with Alcoa were “taking a break” while Alcoa considers the union’s proposals.

In a text message to union members, the union said "After a long day of exchanging proposals, Alcoa informed us tonight that they need additional time to analyze and cost some of our proposals.

"We are taking a break and the Committee is returning to the plants to wait for Alcoa’s response.

“We are still working under a contract extension.”

Alcoa and the union resumed negotiations earlier this week, trying to end a two month stand-off. The union settled with Alcoa’s spin-off company, Arconic, earlier this month.

Among the terms of the Arconic contract: a 3.5 percent raise in each of the three years, with the first year retroactive to May 20′ a $1,750 ratification bonus payment; no change to the pension plan for current union members, but people hired after January 2020 will get a 401-K plan and not a pension.

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