At Founders Weekend, the battle goes on

Updated: Jul. 21, 2019 at 11:12 PM EDT
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OGDENSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - Van Rensselaer Point in Ogdensburg was busy the past two days for the annual Founders Weekend.

For more than a decade, re-enactors from the United States and Canada have gathered here to celebrate Ogdenburg’s French colonial history, and to live life as people did during the French and Indian War.

“We are here to recreate history and bring it to life," said Elena Boyer Pretty, one of the re-enactors.

Elena and her partner, Sebastien Larivee, were playing nobles from the 1700s. They’re both teachers in Montreal, and say this is a great way to learn.

“Instead of reading and learning about history in your books and in the classroom, or from what your parents told you, it’s from us and you can touch and feel and live history,” she said.

For the weekend, people dressed in clothing from the time period, made sashes, wove baskets, started fires, threw tomahawks, anything to conjure up what it was like to live during the period of the war, 1754-1763.

The event is the work of the Fort La Presentation Association, an Ogdensburg group dedicated to reconstructing the French ?mission fort" which once stood on Van Rensselaer Point, and which played a role in three wars - the French and Indian War, the American revolution and the War of 1812.

The French and Indian War pitted the British and French against each other, and there were re-enactors from both sides on hand Sunday.

“People need to know where they come from so they know where they are going,” said Jacques Talbot of Quebec, who played the part of a French soldier.

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