City officials, owner work out parking deal for Watertown Golf Club

Thompson Park parking

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Watertown Golf Club majority shareholder Mike Lundy says is willing to pay for an 80 to 100-space gravel public parking lot in Thompson Park to address a problem where parts of the golf club spilled over on to city-owned land.

"It would have been nice if 60 days ago they would have been happy with where they were but we committed to the city that we were going to build a parking lot whether it was on our land or theirs," Lundy said, "and if it's on our land it's private just for us, but if it's on their land it benefits everybody so we were going to spend the money anyways and in my opinion it's a win-win for both of us."

City staff and members of the city council went along with the idea.

"From the staff's perspective we think that makes the most sense, when we look at the future plans of Thompson Park," city manager Rick Finn said.

"I'm okay with that, you know it's going to be better than what it is," Mayor Joe Butler said, "It's going to potentially be a more integral part our parking as we develop that amphitheater, which we would all like to see."

Lundy, who was told he had until July 30 to come with a plan for a new parking area, reminded city officials he was the one to tell them about the issues after surveying the course.

"I brought the survey to city administration and I also talked to the planning board when we were planning the cart storage building about parking easements and such," Lundy said, "so I went to the city and said 'look, I think we got some issues and I want to resolve them.'"

Another encroachment issue discussed at a city council work session Monday night was the golf club's septic system. A new one was supposed to be put in, but city officials determined that it was a better option for the club to hook up to the city's system.

Lundy says he plans to meet with city engineer Justin Wood in the coming weeks to come up with designs for both the septic system and parking lot.

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