Lawmakers to sheriff: be more efficient

wwny Lawmakers to sheriff: be more efficient

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Lewis County Jail has over spent on overtime this year. It’s at 228 percent of budget. That means the sheriff has spent twice his budget and then some.

Meanwhile, the Lewis County Sheriff’s Office road patrol has nearly maxed out its overtime budget.

“In your drive for protection of the public, you want a perfect scenario where the money is unlimited,” said Lewis County Legislature Chairman Lawrence Dolhoff to Sheriff Mike Carpinelli during a committee meeting Tuesday.

“No sir, I don’t want money unlimited. What I want is respect of our office, respect for our office, respect for our people and the citizens’ tax dollars are spent in the right way. That’s all,” said Carpinelli.

For county lawmakers, those overtime costs are alarming considering there are 5 months left in the fiscal year. Now those lawmakers are telling Carpinelli they want detailed reports to rein in spending and they say the sheriff’s department already has the tools to make that happen.

“We are tying to work with you. You have a piece of paper we dispersed and we would like that information. We will be working to get the overtime and the spending under control,” said Larry King, chair of the General Services Committee.

Lawmakers say they want to know where and when sheriff’s deputies are needed the most in the county and they want GPS data that can tell them where sheriff’s resources are being deployed.

“In regards to the GPS on the back, well, the county attorney, we can talk about that bit, we can talk about it,” said Carpinelli.

Carpinelli says says the increased costs are justified and he had asked lawmakers for $180,000 more than he received.

“We justified it as well, sir. We already brought you the numbers and showed the reports we had. We have given our information to the public as well. There is nothing we are hiding,” said Carpinelli.

Lawmakers are giving Carpinelli time to look over their request for that data that could help the sheriff’s department run more efficiently.

In the meantime, they are holding back on some of the sheriff’s funding’ particularly some money that would pay for the new guns the sheriff’s department has purchased.

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