Watertown considers summer concert series in park

wwny Watertown considers summer concert series in park

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - After attending the annual 4th of July concert in Thompson Park for the first time this year, City Manager Rick Finn got thinking.

“It brought back a lot of memories from other cities I’ve been at where they’ve done that type of thing on a weekly basis - not to the scale we did here. That was fantastic,” he said.

Now, Finn has tasked Parks and Recreation Superintendent Erin Gardner with looking into putting together a summer concert series on a smaller scale, sort of like what’s done with the Sounds of the Summer concert series in Carthage or the Concerts on the Waterfront series in Sackets Harbor.

“Maybe every week or every other week, just a local band that will come and play and provide entertainment, and families will come up and have picnics, maybe hit the playground, the splash pad, play some tennis. So there’s a lot to do up here and we’re just trying to bring more people up here to see what Thompson Park has to offer,” said Gardner.

Gardner says the idea has been kicked around for a number of years, but no money has ever been set aside. Now, to get it done, Watertown will look for partners to bring down the costs.

“It would be sponsored by the city with many, many co-sponsors to help cover the cost. The cost generally in my experience has been very, very minimum if anything at all by the city,” said Finn.

Finn says the concert series would use a temporary platform, but if all goes well, a permanent bandstand could be built.

“I don’t see the city using its funds, since we’re pretty tight right now. But there are grant opportunities out there and if we were able to get one or more grants to help build something like this, that would certainly be a possibility,” he said.

Finn admits this is all preliminary, but there could be a conceptual plan by the end of this summer or the start of fall.

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