Local farmers’ wheat crop thrives while others don’t

wwny Local farmers’ wheat crop thrives while others don’t

TOWN OF HOUNSFIELD, N.Y. (WWNY) - Staff from Robbins Family Grain was out in the field Thursday harvesting wheat to sell to a mill in Pennsylvania. More than 20 other farms in Jefferson and Lewis counties also are out harvesting wheat this time of year.

“People don’t realize just how much, you know, how many agricultural products are exported out of the area to other areas of the United States or to other countries and when farms sell those crops outside the area, that money is outside money coming back in to help fuel our economy and that’s the best type of economic development that you can do,” said Jefferson County Agricultural Coordinator Jay Matteson.

With a wet spring, farmers need all the revenue they can get.

Julia Robbins of Robbins Family Grain says even though the wet whether has pushed back wheat harvesting a few weeks, the quality of wheat is still good.

“This will be the one crop that we will have to sell as a cash crop. We will have a little bit of corn grain, a lot less than we’ve had in years past. We will have a little bit of soy bean, but also a lot less than in years past, so it is nice to have one crop that we know is healthy and will have had a good harvest,” she said.

Robbins also says that because of the spring floods in the Midwest, north country wheat growers will probably get more for their product this year.

The grain from the north country that’s sent to Pennsylvania is turned into flour and used for things like bread and cereal.

“When you have your Wheaties in the morning, you never know, you might eating some wheat from Jefferson County,” said Matteson.

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