From brew to 'SLU,’ Stewarts renames an ice cream treat

From brew to “SLU,’ Stewarts renames an ice cream treat

CANTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - Here’s a scoop: Stewart’s Shops is partnering with St. Lawrence University to temporarily rename a popular ice cream flavor.

If you’ve ordered ice cream at Stewart’s, chances are you probably recognize the flavor called “Brew-ha-ha," a coffee ice cream with espresso bean-flavored chocolate flakes.

But at Canton and Potsdam Stewart’s, you’ll now have to call it “SLU-ha-ha” ...named after St. Lawrence University. The change was officially announced Monday.

St. Lawrence senior Brandon Calton won a contest organized by Stewart’s and the university.

“It was a simple change, just changing brew to SLU. I thought it was clever, funny," he said.

Students, alumni, university staff and community members lined up for free samples in Canton Monday.

Out of all the ice cream flavors on the menu, students say they’re happy with this choice.

“I love coffee ice cream, so this is key," said Kiersten Larraby, a senior.

Stewart’s president Gary Dake graduated from St. Lawrence in 1982. He says it was always a goal to bring the company and his alma mater together.

“A lot of students come to St. Lawrence from other parts of the Stewart’s empire, so it’s nice to have them have a little St. Lawrence connection when they get to campus," Dake said.

The St. Lawrence-themed ice cream flavor will be available at Stewart’s locations in Canton and Potsdam through October.

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