’Cops on Top’ raises funds for Special Olympics

wwny ’Cops on Top’ raises funds for Special Olympics

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Name a better duo - cops and donuts.

North country law enforcement teamed up with the Dunkin’ chain to raise money for New York Special Olympics.

The fundraiser is called “Cops on Top.”

A lucky sheriff’s deputy posted up on the roof of the Arsenal Street Dunkin’ in Watertown, while other officers collected donations at the drive through.

“The people in this area have been very generous, I’ve been out here all morning and there’s probably not one car that has not given something it’s definitely very eye opening to know that our community does come together when we need to,” said Deputy Carrie Mangino, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department.

Wes Hurwitz, operations manager for Dunkin’ brands, said they hope to raise $100,000 for the Special Olympics.

Dunkin’s Joy in Childhood Foundation also donated $15,000.

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