Your Turn: feedback on swatting, teachers with guns & price cuts on camping

wwny Your Turn: feedback on swatting, teachers with guns & price cuts on camping

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A Watertown family continues to be targeted by a dangerous hoax called swatting. That’s when someone pretending to be someone else calls in a phony emergency to get armed police to respond to a location:

You would think the police would use a different approach instead of coming full force with weapons.

Louise Ferguson

They have to just in case it’s a real situation. If they don’t and there really is an issue at the house, they could be putting themselves and who knows who else at risk.

Kimi Kinne

Anyone who would put innocents at risk by misinforming authorities should really be shot.

Adam Narducci

A new law in New York will prevent local school districts from authorizing teachers from carrying firearms on school grounds:

We should allow those teachers who choose to obtain a conceal and carry permit to do so IF THEY CHOOSE to. Protect our children!

Betty Rowe Wilder

Teachers...have enough to deal with on a day to day basis. Why don’t we let teachers teach and defenders defend?

Lauren McAdam

Governor Cuomo is trying to drum up tourism. During a visit to Oswego last week, Cuomo cut prices on state park entry and camping fees and waived fishing license rules:

So he realizes cutting fees increases business? So, cutting the taxes and all the red tape on business will also create more business and jobs!

Dale Matthews

You only get the discount if you go to a state campground and become “walk-in” campers!

Erik-Catherine Bice

Should have done this 2 months ago...Too little, too late.

Scott G Thackston

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