’Team Tyler’ shows local athlete support after accident

’Team Tyler’ shows local athlete support after accident

CLAYTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - Tyler Stockman loves to play hockey, but now there is a chance when the 20 year old from Clayton gets back on the ice, it could be in a sled.

Tyler injured his neck and spine in a pool accident back in July. His dad says his injuries have left him paralyzed from the waist down for the time being. It could take up to a year to know if Tyler will be able to walk again.

“It’s hard, but we just look at it from his perspective and stay positive. He’s the kind of kid that won’t give up. He’s like let’s do this. I’m really proud of him. He actually told me if he can’t walk, he’s going to play sled hockey,” said Jim Stockman, Tyler’s dad.

Tyler is known as team player

“He’s there to help anybody at anytime. You know he’s just a great kid,” said Tricia Bannister, owner, Tricia’s Rondette Restaurant.

People from Tyler’s hometown are the ones reaching out to help him. Businesses throughout Clayton are raising money - places like Raks department store.

“We are going to be having Team Tyler shirts made up and be selling them at the store hopefully in the week to ten days,” said Colleen Lawlee, Raks owner.

Another place people can donate is Watertown Savings Bank, where a “Tyler Stockman Fund” has been set up.

At Tricia’s Rondette Restaurant, there is a fundraiser on Friday afternoon. Alex Tuch, a professional hockey player, we will be there in support of Tyler. He has already visited him in the hospital.

“He’s incredibly grateful for everything and so are we. We can’t even begin to know who to thank everyone,” said Jim Stockman.

Team Tyler is a group of people showing they support Tyler both on and off the ice.

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