Vikings look forward to new competition in new class

Thousand Islands Central football

CLAYTON, N.Y. (WWNY) - There's a big change this year for the Thousand Islands Central football program.

The Vikings will be moving from Class C to Class D.

“Going into Class D is a big step, a big change,” coach Ryan Kendall said. "We’re going to miss some of the big rivalries, you know, with the General Browns, the Lowvilles, but there’s a lot of really good history with Class D -- some of those programs have been winning forever.

“We’re not looking at this being a drop in skill at all,” he said, “It’s just a different set of faces to go play.”

Thousand Islands will stock the varsity program this season with just T.I. players and no Alexandria or LaFargeville players filling the ranks.

You can hear more from the coach in the video. You can also hear from players Colby Stewart, Chris Wetterhahn, and Nick Gokey as they share their thoughts about facing new foes such as Sandy Creek and Beaver River.

The season is less than two weeks away. Practice begins on August 19.

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