Capraras once again own A. Bay dealership

Capraras once again own A. Bay dealership
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ALEXANDRIA BAY, N.Y. (WWNY) - As it turns out, Charlie Caprara wasn’t quite ready to retire.

After Caprara and his brother Billy (more formally, they’re Charles G. and William F. Caprara, but everyone calls them Charlie and Billy) sold most of their dealerships in northern New York to a New York City investment firm, GPB Capital, Charlie Caprara retired, mostly, from the car business.

“But the hard part of it is, it’s really difficult to walk away,” he told 7 News Friday.

“When you’ve worked your whole life, it’s really difficult to sit back,” he said.

So earlier this week, the brothers bought back the Alexandria Bay Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram dealership on Route 12.

Charlie’s son Taylor will run it. The Alexandria Bay dealership joins the family’s Honda dealership on Outer Bradley Street in Watertown and the Harley-Davidson franchise they own in Adams Center.

As is the case with the Honda dealership, Caprara said he plans to stock the lot at the Alexandria Bay dealership with “lots of cars.”

The A. Bay dealership was particularly attractive, he said, because the store had recently gotten a $1.6 million renovation.

“It just has the newest updates and upgrades,” he said.

The store now employs about 25 people, and will hire more, he said.

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