‘Rethink Your Drink’ & ditch the soda, health experts urge

Rethink Your Drink

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Health professionals are urging you to "rethink your drink" and be mindful of the amount of sugar you're drinking.

Dietitians say popular drinks such sodas, juices, and café beverages are doing more harm than most people might think.

Diana Luther at Lewis County General Hospital says the impact of sugary drinks is so significant, if you cut out just one soda from your daily diet you could lose up to 25 pounds in a year.

People don't really realize how much sugar and added calories are in your drinks throughout the day," she said. "Thirty-six percent of Americans' sugar comes from sweetened beverages such as what you see here, sweetened iced teas, sweetened juice drinks, and, obviously, your sodas."

Luther says you don't have to sacrifice taste for health. She recommends trying fruit- and herb-infused water -- or any beverage with fewer than five calories per serving.

She also stresses the importance of adults setting positive diet examples for youth.

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