Summer’s sweets: picking blueberries in NNY

Summer’s sweets: picking blueberries in NNY

HENDERSON, N.Y. (WWNY) - Even though it’s only early August, you can feel summer starting, just starting, to slip away.

The days are a little cooler. The breeze starts to feel like something that is less ‘school’s out,’ and more like ‘here comes the bus.’

But don’t tell that to Sam Lassen. The six year old was visiting his grandparents, who live in Adams, and Friday they were doing what you do when there is still summer to burn: picking blueberries.

With a purpose, Sam will tell you.

“We’re going to make blueberry muffins, blueberry cake, and blueberry jam,” he said.

Sam had the help Friday of grandmother Barbara Greene, who’s an experienced hand at blueberry picking.

“It’s always fun to pick blueberries this time of year, then enjoy them all year long because I take them home and put them in the freezer,” she said.

And with summer winding down, Greene isn’t the only one stocking up on the fruit. Kristen and Julia Dodge, who own Dodge Farms, say their blueberry U-pick field has been busy.

“The strawberries, the raspberries are already done and at this point we are getting ready for apple season, which is more of a fall crop,” Kristen Dodge said.

“So yes, this is a good chance to hold a little bit of summer for the winter, if you put them in the freezer.”

The Dodge family says the blueberries were ready a few weeks late because of a wet spring, but their yield has been good.

“They are very sweet ,large, and juicy. They are very good berries this year,” Julia Dodge said.

Usually the U-pick blueberry picking season ends right about now, but with the late start the Dodges say they hope to be able to extend it another week, for a little more taste of summer.

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