Dozens march in Potsdam against racism & hate

March against racism

POTSDAM, N.Y. (WWNY) - It's a message dozens wanted to make loud and clear as they took to streets in Potsdam Saturday to march against racism.

Jennifer Baxtron organized the two-mile march after seeing the nationwide reaction to the recent shooting in El Paso, Texas, a massacre believed to be fueled by racism.

“I figured it's time for us to get together again and show our community and everyone else that America is not about hate,” she said.

Even Baxtron's 5-year-old granddaughter, Sarah Evans, has already felt the sting of racism. It happened while the two were handing out fliers for the march.

“There was a man while we was holding the sign up and then he rolled down his window and said go home, he means to go to Africa,” she said.

She said it made her feel sad and scared.

But now, she's unafraid. In fact, she led the march.

Organizers and protesters say their fear motivates them. Even as they were marching on their route, passers-by made rude comments.

But that only inspires them to rally harder.

“People seem very scared, they're very frightened,” Paul Cutter said. “We should be able to walk in the street without being scared, afraid of being shot.”

Protesters say they want to send a message to those spreading hate and a message to those receiving it.

“I feel your pain, I feel your fear,” Braxton said. “I feel everything you're going through, and I'm here with ya. And if we stand together, we can do something to change it.”

Baxtron says she hopes to organize more rallies, because, she says, change happens in numbers.

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