Martinsburg honors one of its own, 200 years later

Martinsburg honors one of its own, 200 years later

MARTINSBURG, N.Y. (WWNY) - A Martinsburg man who fought in the War of 1812 was honored by the community and his descendants Sunday.

Shadrach Snell joined a military unit that marched from Martinsburg to Sackets Harbor during the War of 1812. He was captured by British forces in 1814, and later taken to Dartmoor Prison in England. He died there after the war ended.

“He was from Martinsburg, and I thought that was really special,” said Bette Lathan, from the Martinsburg Historical Society and who was a lead organizer for Sunday’s event at the Martinsburg Cemetery.

Lathan said nearly 500 War of 1812 Veterans are buried in Lewis County. Snell and his father, Job Snell, a patriot in the Revolutionary War, never made it back home. The community, and their relatives, are working to keep their memory alive.

“Our family has always participated. We’ve been in every war all the way back to colonial times,” said Sue Kosloske, a descendant of Shadrach Snell’s sister.

Kosloske was one of 10 Snell descendants who came to Martinsburg Sunday.

“It’s important to us and that we all know that we came from and that we all respect and honor what people who have come before us have done, so we can have the wonderful lives we have today,” she said.

With her was Fredd Snell, the great-nephew of Shadrach Snell. He is also a Vietnam-era veteran.

“In times of war and in times of peace the Snell’s have done what they can to make this country the country that it is. The greatest one on earth," he said.

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