Watertown developer gives city ultimatum, threatens to sue

Simao threatens lawsuit again

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Developer PJ Simao says he’ll pursue another lawsuit if work at the Watertown Golf Club doesn’t stop.

“I have rights and I’ll try to pursue those rights,” said Simao, owner of Ives Hill Country Club.

Simao says he’s prepared to file another lawsuit against the city of Watertown.

In an e-mail to city officials last Thursday, Simao requested a "stop work order" for the Watertown Golf Club.

Simao says the golf club has never gone through a proper site plan approval or environmental assessment for projects like the new event center area and public parking spaces.

“It’s flat out wrong. They should be held to the same standards as everybody else in the city is. There’s additional work being done up there that was not grandfathered in,” Simao said.

This is the latest fight over land issues at the Watertown Golf Club.

Parts of the club have spilled over onto city land and the majority shareholder, Mike Lundy, has been working to fix it.

The parking project has been part of that fix.

Simao says Lundy needs to follow all of the rules when it comes to doing work there, which he says Lundy is not doing.

Simao is waiting for a response from city officials about his most recent request. And when it comes to another lawsuit, he says the city leaves him no other choice.

“I don’t want to keep filing lawsuits against the city, but it appears to me that the city is actually challenging me to do so,” said Simao.

He says he plans to move forward with the litigation process by the fall.

We reached out to Mike Lundy for comment but have not heard back.

City officials also declined to comment.

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