Your Turn: feedback on Jreck Subs up for auction, Dollar General in Madrid and free meals at Lyme Central School

Your Turn

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The north country restaurant chain, Jreck Subs, is going on the auction block.

Leigh Taylor: “Please don’t change it! Please be nice! I don’t go home to Watn to visit friends and family, I go to get Jrecks!!!”

Carrie Freer Rasmusson: "I hope someone takes it nationwide, I need my Jreck fix in Michigan"

Steven Barker: "I’m sure it will sell at a hefty price"


A Dollar General is being built in Madrid, worrying local business owners.

William J. Jennings: “Good for Madrid! Open up and flourish. No business will be harmed ..... if they compete. More traffic , more potential customers for all.”

Deborah Bryan Lashomb: "Should never have allowed it"


Students in the Lyme Central School District will get all of their school meals for free this year.

Jennifer Hewey: "All schools should provide free meals for the students"

Joan C. Fohr: “I think our taxes could be better used elsewhere.”

Amy Kessler Goodnough: “School lunch should be free to all children; I mean, isn’t that what our tax dollars should be used for?”

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