High water recedes in time for big weekend in A-Bay

Alexandria Bay water levels

ALEXANDRIA BAY, N.Y. (WWNY) - In Alexandria Bay they are liking lower levels when it comes to the St. Lawrence River and it’s just in time for an important event.

This week you’ll see full boats, plenty of tourist and sword-slinging pirates.

What you won’t see are the high waters that have been hurting the area’s tourism this summer.

“Now that the water’s gone down 18-inches, people can use their docks again, there’s more dock space, the castle is operating as it should be, and people aren’t as affected by the high water anymore,” said Riley Thomson, manager of Riley’s by the River.

The water has receded just in time for the area’s annual Pirate Days.

“Pirate days is our biggest even in August,” said Thomson, “people come from all over, they come year after year, they dress as pirates and they come celebrate in Alex Bay.”

The event is a major draw for tourists; a needed stimulus after a rocky start to the summer.

Alexandria Bay Mayor Steven Jarvis, wants people to know the water is down, so come on over.

“We’re open, and we have our tour boats. We have Uncle Sam with a great big boat coming in right now, we have fishing guides, all the restaurants, everything, the shops, we’re open, please come visit us,” said Jarvis.

Mark and Cheryl Hellert came from the Niagara Falls area to tour the Thousand Islands.

They say, you’d never know the water was once a problem this summer.

“I wouldn’t worry about it," said Mark.

"No it didn’t affect our plans at all,” added Cheryl.

The Mayor, the business owners, and even the pirates invite people to come to Alexandria Bay for Pirate Days.

The sword fights and shenanigans last until Sunday.

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