8-man football the way to go for South Lewis

South Lewis football

TURIN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The South Lewis football team is starting its third season of playing 8-man football.

Athletic director Brian Oakes says it was a good move at the time, because it was hard to maintain the numbers for a regular 11-man team.

"And it just made sense for us, because we had enough kids to be able to have subs and be able to keep kids healthy and do some good things for our football program."

This is Mike Absolom's third year coaching 8-man football at South Lewis.

He says its a much faster game.

“The guys have to be in shape, they’ve got to be conditioned,” Absolom said. “It’s a fast game, so we have to practice to be fast and it’s just faster - the hitting and tackling is still the same, but it’s just a wide-open field -- just very fast.”

There’s more from both Oakes and Absolom in the video.

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