Saturday: zucchini festival in Chaumont

Saturday: zucchini festival in Chaumont

CHAUMONT, N.Y. (WWNY) - It’s the Rodney Dangerfield of vegetables. Zucchini gets no respect.

Except for Saturday, in Chaumont.

The First Presbyterian Church held its 4th annual ‘Zucchini Festival,’ a chance to show just how versatile and how useful zucchini is.

There were zucchini baked goods, music, games - including a contest called ‘Dress the Zucchini.’

“An old joke was, don’t answer your door this time of year because somebody’s going to be giving you a bunch of zucchini and what do you do with all of it?” said Richelle David, a volunteer worker at the festival.

“So at this we kind of celebrate that idea.”

Proceeds go toward church programs, like the food pantry and the youth program. Saturday’s fest was held in cooperation with the Chaumont Catholic Parish.

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