Owner works to recover from Anchor restaurant fire

wwny Owner works to recover from Anchor restaurant fire

SACKETS HARBOR, N.Y. (WWNY) - As you walk down West Main Street in Sackets Harbor, you can still smell the charred remains of the Anchor restaurant.

It has been two weeks since it burned down.

You might think the cleanup process is simple, but it's a bit harder due to how old the building was.

"Any buildings that are damaged by fire that were built before 1974 have to be tested for possible hazardous materials, and because the extent of this fire was so severe, that testing is probably impossible, so they have to treat it as a hazardous waste site," said owner Tom Scozzafava.

That means the cleanup has to be done by specially licensed companies.

But the drawn-out process is made bearable by the sparking of ideas.

"I'm very excited for the future of the Sackets Harbor Brew Company family; there are some exciting plans to rebuild," said Sackets Harbor Mayor Molly Reilly.

Scozzafava also owns the neighboring restaurant, Sackets Harbor Brewing Company.

"One of the things that I was talking to Tom about was the relocation of the brewing capacity that they have at the Sackets Harbor brew pub. There was a plan longstanding to relocate it to the Anchor facility and this provides an opportunity to reimagine that, and create a wonderful craft brewing experience right here on West Main Street," said Reilly.

That idea isn’t set in stone. But while crews inspect and clean the property, Reilly and Scozzafava aren’t seeing a scorched pile of wood - they’re seeing potential.

Fire officials say they’ll have determined the cause of the fire by the end of the week.

Scozzafava says he hopes by he can start cleanup next week.

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