Your Turn: feedback on red flag law, license plates & mayor’s remarks

wwny Your Turn: feedback on red flag law, license plates & mayor’s remarks

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - New York state’s “red flag” law went into effect. It allows law enforcement, school officials and families to ask a court to order the seizure of firearms from people considered to be dangerous:

The concept...violates both the presumption of innocence and the due process requirement of proof of criminal behavior before liberty can be infringed.

Steven Barker

Why don’t we read up on the criteria that needs to be met before a seizure is legal? It’s a lot of common sense things.

Zach Snow

Well intentioned but poorly executed and ripe for abuse.

Gary Beasley

Governor Cuomo’s plan to make all New Yorkers get new license plates may have hit a roadblock. Republicans and Democrats are calling the move an unneeded expense:

A money grab, plain and simple.

Nathan Daniel Smith

If we need more color contrast for our plate readers, we need it. New, better plates are necessary.

Marcia Clifton Robbins it or leave it. That’s basically what the mayor had to say last week:

Butler's comments are spot on. You don’t like what the city has made itself into, move.

MB Hunter

I was disappointed with this statement...No one deserves to be told to move and that he will help them move in a public forum.

Tina Morrison

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