John Burr, voice of local racing, is remembered

John Burr - the voice of local racing

LAFARGEVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - John Burr was certainly one of the nice guys associated with the sport of racing in the north country.

He passed away over the weekend at the age of 79.

Whether it was interviewing the race winner or calling the event from the booth, John Burr was a knowledgeable voice for local race fans at a number of tracks during an illustrious career.

"John Burr had been a fixture in local auto racing, dirt and asphalt both, for 30 years or more in the area," Can-Am Speedway general manager Bob Thurston Jr. said.

"He was the voice of Can-Am Speedway for years -- he worked at Evans Mills, Adirondack -- he was fortunate enough to be able to do Super DIRT Week a number of times," Thurston said. "John was just a great guy and a friend of everybody in racing."

He was more than just a race caller. He was closely associated with the Lewis County Fair and also a voice for parades around the area.

"John was big with the fair crowd at Lewis County Fair, he was one of the principle people in Lewis County, he was big with New York State Fairs -- John was very big with the New York State tractor pullers, snowmobile races," Thurston said. "When it came to announcing any kind of sporting event or motor sports event, John was always there."

His family can take solace in knowing that John Burr was beloved -- not only by the racing community, but by everyone he met.

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