Jefferson County landmark celebrates 200 years

Updated: Sep. 2, 2019 at 4:16 PM EDT
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POINT SALUBRIOUS, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Greystone was built in the town of Lyme along Point Salubrious 200 years ago. To celebrate the landmark’s big birthday, its owners decorated the stone home for everyone to see.

"We've had a lot of people slow down around the bend here or honk the horn or yell out the window Happy Birthday, so it's just a fun thing to acknowledge," said Heather Jennings, who owns the house.

An ex-British solider, John O'Connor, built the house back in 1819 for James Horton and his wife, Martha. Since then there have been numerous owners. They have added on; now there are nine rooms and four bathrooms in the house.

"I have been a summertime resident of Chaumont all my life and rode around Point Point Salubrious on my bike since I was a little girl and always looked up at this house and wondered who had it and never thought in a million years we would be the ones who got to live here," said Heather.

But after Heather her husband met Pim and Pandy Goodbody, that dream became a reality. The Greystone had been in Pandy's family since 1954.

"I knew there was a special buyer for this house, I just didn't dream I would find them and I did," said Pandy.

"It's been great. We have been enjoying every single day," said Heather.

The Greystone is'nt just a piece of history, it's a place of memories for those who have lived there.

Pandy recalls a few country Christmases in the home and the Goodbodys had their wedding reception at the house 54 years ago.

"It's good to have 54 years of memories and it's a good memory to have, to have it have started here, it's lovely," said Pandy.

As for the home’s next 200 years, the Jennings family says they hope to preserve it and keep it in good shape for future generations.

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