Your Turn: feedback on inmate wages, pot bust & school shopping

wwny Your Turn: feedback on inmate wages, pot bust & school shopping

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Should the minimum wage for prison inmates be raised? The governor says he supports it, but not everyone agrees. We asked for your thoughts:

I am all for a raise in pay for criminals in jail as long as they use that money to reimburse the government for the cost of their incarceration.

Scott Filippi

Why reward criminal behavior for a wage? It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Kelly Lynne

If the money was going to their families, I could see a wage increase.

Penny Jandreau

If they want to earn a wage, then they shouldn’t commit the crime that put them behind bars.

Michelle Hayden

Nearly 400 pounds of high-grade marijuana was seized in the village of Alexandria Bay last week. A federal agent tells 7 News it was smuggled from Canada:

Keep it up, law officers. Good job.

Christine LeBel

What an absolute waste of time for our law enforcement. Instead of focusing on violent criminals, we’re wasting our time on policing a plant that’s legal in dozens of states.

Brian Nichols

It’s the height of the back to school shopping season. A recent survey found New York parents spend around $230 per child:

With everything for three kids about $1000.

Tissy Martin

We needed a calculator for a 9th grader and that cost was $144.73 in itself!

Heather Jackson

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