Bingo balls decide ballot order for Watertown mayoral race

wwny Bingo balls decide ballot order for Watertown mayoral race

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Jeff Smith, Allison Crossman, and Cody Horbacz. This is the Watertown mayor ballot order determined by bingo balls at the Jefferson County Board of Elections. (If you think this is unique to this race, we’re told it’s not; the board of elections says it routinely uses bingo balls to set ballot orders.)

Crossman believes the order has little bearing on the way people vote.

"Honestly, I don't think the ballot order makes a big difference. Hopefully our voters are being educated on what each candidate stands for and is finding the candidate they feel they align most appropriately with," she said.

Smith echoes Crossman's sentiment, but doesn't shy away from enjoying the top spot.

"It's just nice psychologically to say that your name was drawn first and your first on the ballot. But, at the end of the day, the voters are smart, and they're going to pick their candidate and see where they're at," he said.

The ballot drawing was a quick process - night and day from determining how to break a second place tie between Crossman and Horbacz.

A state Supreme Court judge ultimately decided to put all three names on the ballot.

Crossman sees the episode as a help to her campaign.

"I think it helped boost it because it helped keep the issue in the public's eye longer than it would have if the election had been finalized, the primary election had been finalized at that time," she said.

The election is November 5.

With the ballot order set, the candidates are ready to put their campaigns into fourth gear.

"You ramp up your door to door campaign for my standpoint. And just make sure that you're out there even more, more active as can be," said Smith.

"Now's the time to really start focusing on meeting as many people as possible. So, door to door campaigns, hosting events, and really attending as many public functions as possible," said Crossman.

Horbacz was unavailable for an interview.

The board of elections also determined the order for the Watertown City Council ballot. Patrick Hickey is first, Robert Schorr is second, Sarah Compo is third, and Jesse Roshia is fourth.

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