Meet Lewis County’s new ‘paw-fficer’

wwny Meet Lewis County’s new ‘paw-fficer’

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - Lewis County has a new sheriff’s deputy in town.

She's Winnie. At only 8 months old, she's already got her career lined up.

"You just want a dog with a good drive that just wants to go, and she's got that," said Andrew Waite, sheriff's deputy and K9 handler.

Winnie is training to take over as the Lewis County sheriff K9 deputy so current Deputy Wyman can retire.

"Last year, Wyman was able to locate a missing 3 year old in I think it was 22 minutes," said Corey Paczkowski, sheriff's deputy and K9 handler.

Winnie's training is starting simple for now.

She's with her handler, Deputy White, 24/7. While she's training, he is too.

"I'm learning every day and so is she and we're going to try to get through whatever we can to be the best that we can," said White.

When Winnie goes to training in the spring, she'll learn criminal apprehension, tracking, and even drug sniffing. But for now, she's just learning how to play.

Wyman will keep up his good work until the end of next year, at which point Winnie will have finished her training.

“Retirement will be tough for him. I think he’s going to get bored,” said Paczkowski. “I think Winnie is going to be a very, very good dog. I just love to see this program keep going. It’s been probably the best experience I can have on this job, it’s a great job. I’m going to miss it, but the program turnover to Deputy White will be in very good hands.”

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