Phone service restored for 75 percent of Lewis County

wwny Phone service restored for 75 percent of Lewis County

LOWVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - The widespread telephone outage in Lewis County appears to have been at mostly solved.

Frontier Communications said Friday it was able to get 75 percent of disrupted service back online.

That includes Lewis County General Hospital, Lewis County Courthouse, and Beaver River Central School.

Friday was day three of the outage. Phone service was knocked out in a large swath of Lewis County Wednesday morning when a Frontier Communications microwave tower was apparently struck by lightning.

A Frontier representative said workers aim to restore service to Lowville Central School and the remaining residents and businesses by Friday night.

"You can't control where lightening strikes and what infrastructure is going to be impacted, so I think as a community we're pretty understanding that our modern world takes all kind of technology and that can be affected by weather. It's clear that Frontier is doing all that they can and working very hard and service will be restored this weekend," said Ryan Piche, county manager.

Frontier says any remaining outages will be restored by this weekend.

The effects of lightning are unpredictable and beyond control and we may still find isolated outages occur after our full restoral. We ask for customers to let us know if they are still out of service and we will respond promptly,” said Julie Murtagh, Frontier’s East Region Senior Vice President of Operations.

Frontier’s number is 1-800-FRONTIER.

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