Your Turn: feedback on vaccines, school buses & kidney donor

wwny Your Turn: feedback on vaccines, school buses & kidney donor

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - Some parents have pulled their children out of school rather than vaccinate now that New York has ended its religious exemption for vaccinations. Most of your feedback this week is about that:

Choosing to home school your child vs. the state’s mandate to vaccinate? I sure hope you educate your children to a higher degree than you were.

Scott Filippi

So, I guess it’s not my body, my choice in NY.

Chris McRoberts

I hope people don’t assume that everyone who home schools is doing it because of the vaccination laws and is unvaccinated.

Ginny Lynn

With kids back in school, motorists are reminded that when a school bus has its stop sign down and lights flashing, “stop means stop:”

It’s pretty sad that people even need to be told this.

Getty Getman

Pay attention to the road and not your phones and quit being in such a hurry.

Sally Bush

A Fort Drum woman gave a part of herself, a kidney, so a stranger could live:

Amazing story! What a beautiful soul and how heart touching!

James Snyder

You are a true hero! There are so many waiting including myself.

Emily Locey

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