An a-”mazing’ way to say thank you to local soldiers

wwny An a-”mazing’ way to say thank you to local soldiers

TOWN OF HOUNSFIELD, N.Y. (WWNY) - What’s hiding at Old McDonald’s Farm? It’s not the ducks. It’s not the alpacas. It’s not even the visitors in the sunflower patch.

It's a message and you can find it in the corn.

Using precision technology, Old McDonald’s Farm planted a 10-acre “Thank You” to local military members - turning the 10th Mountain Division logo into a corn maze for the busy fall season.

"We were trying to come up with some ideas for this season and I said I want to do a corn maze this year and so we started looking on Google for some ideas, and we're a patriotic family, so we were looking at American flag designs and I said, wait, let's do the 10th Mountain Division logo and we just ran with it," said Julia Robbins, Old McDonald's Farm manager.

A few teens from Jefferson Community College's zoo tech program were at the farm and gave the maze a try.

“This is like a really, really cool maze, Old McDonald’s Farm is like a really really cool place to be you know you get to play with the animals but the corn maze is another addition to that that makes it even better,” said Cheyenne Dukes, who tried the maze.

It takes about 40 minutes to get through.

"We often hear that there's not a lot to do for families here in the Watertown area, so this is a great family activity and friend activity," said Robbins.

And it's a great way to have fun and show support for our troops.

"We're so close to Fort Drum, you know, and it's nice for them to have the support from local businesses like this," said Dukes.

"The military here is really important to us and our business. Like I said, we're a really patriotic family and without our military here at Fort Drum and all of their families, they really drive our economy and they're a big source of business for Old McDonald's Farm, so we really appreciate everything they do for our community and our country," said Robbins.

The farm offers a military and veteran discount. Anyone can come enjoy the maze until Halloween.

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