Clarkson University remembers alumni who died in 9/11 attacks

wwny Clarkson University remembers alumni who died in 9/11 attacks

POTSDAM, N.Y. (WWNY) - Clarkson University remembered the four alumni who died 18 years ago in New York City when the World Trade Center towers were attacked.

Clarkson ROTC cadets honor them during a ceremony Wednesday.

The observance is usually held at a memorial built of steel salvaged from the World Trade Center, but rain forced it inside Wednesday.

Many younger people were inspired to enter military service after 911. Now it inspires a new generation.

“I hope it never gets back to this. But we all prepare for things exactly like this. We're all prepared to make sacrifices should something like this happen again,” said Brian Noeker, Clarkson Air Force ROTC senior.

“Just imagine being like a first responder, someone in those buildings, you're in that situation where you're in an impossible situation. Like you're looking up at that building saying I got to go into that. And you run towards it,” said Nick Barden, Clarkson Army ROTC senior.

“I think anybody here, you leave, if you don't have goosebumps after a ceremony like this you're not a human being,” said Marc D'Amore, Clarkson Air Force ROTC junior.

The day is memorialized throughout the community. Flags lined Potsdam’s business district and memorials sprung up at homes and public buildings.

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