Fort Drum says drinking water is safe in wake of report

Fort Drum says drinking water is safe in wake of report
Fort Drum

FORT DRUM, N.Y. (WWNY) - Fort Drum says its drinking water is safe after a report from an advocacy group listed the local post as having high levels of toxic chemicals in its water supply.

The organization, Environmental Working Group, said it obtained Department of Defense data which shows Fort Drum water is contaminated with toxic fluorinated chemicals called PFAS.

Fort Drum said EWG is referencing results from groundwater test wells that were purposely put around a known contamination site, the firefighter training area, for monitoring purposes.

"Our drinking water is safe," said Julie Halpin, director of Fort Drum Public Affairs in an email. "Our drinking water wells are tested regularly and are well below even proposed, stricter limits. The federal threshold for PFOA/PFOS is 70 ng/L in drinking water. The New York state's proposed limit for drinking water is 10 ng/L. We are at 2ng/L."

According to the EWG release, firefighting foams made with PFAS and long used on military installations are a major source of PFAS contamination.

The Army is quoted in the same release as saying, “There are currently no Army personnel or families drinking water with levels of PFOS/PFOA (PFAS chemicals) above the LHA (lifetime health advisory).”

Fort Drum’s water quality report is available here.

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