’Very young’ Indian River girls’ soccer team shows promise

Indian River girls' soccer

PHILADELPHIA, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Indian River girls' soccer team is a mixture of youth and veteran leadership.

The Lady Warriors hope that spells success on the pitch this season.

Indian River is 1-1 on the season heading into its next game on Wednesday.

Coach Austin Kenyon likes what he sees in his team so far, even though it’s early in the season.

"The team is looking very promising, they're very young," Kenyon said. "We have three eighth graders and a freshman in the starting lineup, but we are showing a lot of promise and a lot of growth -- the team has jelled and come together and is working hard every day."

"Yes, we have good talent," Rhyleigh Colvard said. "The three of us, we're very good together, and with the seniors and the other girls, we have a good chance."

“We’re a pretty good team,” Adrien Lamora said. “We’re very close and we work well together and we pass the ball very well.”

"I feel like we are all super, like, friends, and, like, close knit together -- that's why we work so well," Ravan Marsell said. "If we didn't know each other as well, then I think we wouldn't work as well, but I feel like we do work well together."

"Being one of the oldest people on the team, you kind of have to show good leadership and set an example," Magen Stewart said. "It's really nice to have younger girls on the team, they are already open minded to new stuff like new formations and new skills. When they become juniors and seniors, they will have a good foundation and understanding on what they need to do and it will make our team a lot stronger, not like now, but definitely in the long run."

Kenyon says he's happy with the mix of ages of the players, from the most experienced on down.

“We have two senior captains, one who’s been with the program for a very long time, to provide that leadership and that example for the young girls coming up,” he said.

Indian River’s next game is at Carthage at 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

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