Archery group takes aim at fun (and dinosaurs and mosquitoes)

Archery group takes aim at fun (and dinosaurs and mosquitoes)

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - When you think of target shooting, chances are you think of the traditional circle with colored bands. You know, the ones where the closer you get to the center, the higher your score.

Safe to assume, you don’t think of giant mosquitoes.

You haven’t spent time with the Bear Pac Archery Club.

On a Sunday morning off Rutland Hollow Road, just outside of Watertown, the club held a fun shoot, complete with some interesting targets. There were your big enough to be realistic, 3D deer and bear, but also buffalo. And fish. And a dinosaur. And yes, a rather large, you wouldn’t want to meet one in real life mosquito.

“We’re family oriented and we try and get the kids to shoot,” said Don Phillips, president of the club for the last 14 years.

The targets are from a company, Reinhart Targets, which supplies them to the club at a discount. The club also has hunter education teachers who can show you, young or old, how to land a bull’s-eye.

This weekend, about 50 people came out Saturday and Sunday to take arrow to bow.

For Phillips, the weekend - and club - is very much a family affair. Daughter Brandi is in her 20s, and has been helping out with the fun shoot for the last 14 years.

“Long story...I had to have something that my daughter and I could do together," he said. "I started it and she decided that she wanted to watch me one day, fell in love with it, we’ve been doing it ever since.”

Daughter Brandi added "His nick name is ‘Bear’ and I used to be ‘Cub,’ and so we just were the Bear Pac...and that’s what we did.”

To see what it’s like to take aim at some of the Bear Pac targets, click on he picture above this post and watch Abbey Buttacavoli’s story.

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