Your Turn: feedback on vaping, library funding & Mel’s milestone

wwny Your Turn: feedback on vaping, library funding & Mel’s milestone

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - With hundreds of vaping-related illnesses and several deaths, federal agencies and now the state of New York are warning people to stop vaping:

That's a good idea. I saw my husband almost die in front of me. He hasn't touched a vape since then.

Nancy Frank

I know plenty of people who vape and are healthy as can be.

Whitney Morehouse

Black market pesticide thinner/thickener filled THC cartridges are the real issue.

Zakarie Speranza

Flower Memorial Library wants to ask Watertown school district taxpayers for $75,000 in funding for books and materials:

All schools in the area should be helping with the funding.

Nathan Daniel Smith

They shouldn’t have to “pitch” anything. It should be given to them, no questions asked!

Barry Zimmer

Last week we noted that our own Mel Busler has been on the air full-time on WWNY-TV for 35 years:

Happy Anniversary to you! You are an amazing on-air personality and a fabulous sports reporter!

Debbie Busko Hearne

Best wishes for another 35 years.

Karensue Pignone Palladino

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