Tomorrow’s Health: off-label meds, distracted driving & diabetes

Tomorrow's Health for September 17, 2019

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - A new Rutgers study shows doctors in the U.S. are increasingly prescribing off-label medications for children.

Off-label means using medications in a manner not specifically approved by the FDA.

Researchers say the most frequently ordered off-label drugs were to treat respiratory infections, asthma, and mental health disorders.

Distracted driving

Three out of five parents say their teen has been in a car with a distracted driver.

That's according to a University of Michigan poll that finds loud music, cell phones, and other teens in the car are top distractions.

Almost half of parents say they try to limit their teen driving after dark as well as riding with more than two other peers.

Obesity linked to diabetes

New research links obesity to a six-fold risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

A team from Denmark found genetic risk and lifestyle, including alcohol intake, exercise and diet, also play a part in developing the illness.

By 2045, more than 600 million adults are expected to be living with diabetes.

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