Why JCC faculty is shuttling students to classes

wwny Why JCC faculty is shuttling students to classes

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - All aboard the Completion Cab. The carts are a part of Completion Week, an effort by Jefferson Community College to motivate students to finish their programs and earn a degree.

Faculty members volunteer to drive the Completion Cabs, shuttling students to and from class. It’s for a good reason.

The cabs are an opportunity to connect with students, ensuring everything is going okay and providing resources and a listening ear.

Faculty members say retention rates at JCC should ideally be higher. So if talking to students on a golf cart ride can help that, that's what they're going to do.

“One of the things we want to do here at Jefferson is ensure that we connect with the student some way, some how. Whether it’s with a person, a resource, a support service that we offer, or just in general. So that two minute drive can make the difference between that student staying and that student ultimately deciding not to come back to the school,” said Corey Campbell, vice president of student affairs.

Faculty said the most common reasons students give for not completing their degree are financial difficulties, academic struggles, or mental health challenges.

"So we have various resources in place to address all three of those facets in order to support the student," said Campbell.

"The conversations we have up front, the more of those we have, the more informed students are about making decisions about their career path, their major, what classes they want," said Gabrielle Thompson, director of access and opportunity programs.

And the students appreciate the effort.

"It makes you feel like someone's there and someone wants you to get through it, like you're not just alone in the process," said Emma Vaughn, student.

"Knowledge is power. When the student has that degree, that's a piece of knowledge they have that no one entity can take away from them," said Campbell.

Whether a student is on a smooth path to success or a bumpy ride, JCC faculty members are doing whatever it takes to help them along their journey.

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