Your Turn: feedback on e-cigs, protest, slaughterhouse & gas prices

wwny Your Turn: feedback on e-cigs, protest, slaughterhouse & gas prices

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - An emergency ban on sales of flavored e-cigarettes in New York was approved last week:

Another stupid NY nanny law.

Dennis Smith

Emergency ban on e-cigs but not real cigs? Please tell me how much big tobacco is paying you.

Jeremy Michael Westmoreland

Potsdam High School students staged a walkout, joining thousands nationwide demanding action on climate change:

They should all get in trouble for skipping class.

Phillip Peck

Nicely done students! We appreciate you bringing awareness of this movement on a local level.

Fitz Brash

A police investigation will be launched into the way a St. Lawrence County slaughterhouse killed cattle. Ward Willard & Son in Heuvelton is accused of animal cruelty:

It’s a friggen slaughter house. What do you think they are going to do? Get them show ready for the fair?

Jon Barney

Animals feel pain! I believe it is not too much to ask of the human race to treat them humanely for that reason alone!

Anne Street

All eyes are on gas prices after attacks in Saudi Arabia. People around the north country saw prices go way up last week:

Why when we have our own reserves?

Darrin Alexander

Just an excuse to rip off the consumer.

Edmund Palmer

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