Tomorrow’s Health: pediatric heart transplants, hypersexual disorder & diabetic heart problems

Tomorrow's Health

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - It's been three and a half years since the criteria for pediatric heart transplants was revised in the U.S.

Despite the changes, a new study suggests there's been no reduction in the number of children who die while waiting for an organ.

Doctors at the University of Pittsburgh say mortality rates actually rose for patients with some types of heart disease.

Hypersexual disorder

A new study suggests a hormone may cause both men and women to develop an overactive sex drive.

The World Health Organization categorizes hypersexual disorder as a mental illness, but researchers in Sweden have linked it to overproduction of the hormone oxytocin.

The finding suggests the condition could one day be treated by suppressing the hormone.

Diabetic heart problems

Researchers in Canada say body mass index is less reliable at predicting heart problems in diabetics than fat mass index.

They say that’s because BMI doesn’t differentiate between a person’s lean muscle mass and their fat mass.

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