Figure skating club begins another year on the ice

Figure Skating Club of Watertown

WATERTOWN, N.Y. (WWNY) - The ice at the Watertown Arena is inhabited by some very talented up-and-coming figure skaters.

The Figure Skating Club of Watertown has taken up shop for another year.

“This is a wonderful program and we are so excited the ice is open” Deana Allen said. "Our kids are just phenomenal, they do skating competitions all year, they practice so hard, they are so competitive with all of the clubs that are around us -- we are just thrilled to be back on the ice.

Sherry Robbins is the figure skating coach. She feels it takes a special dedication to succeed in the sport.

"These skaters are very dedicated, they skate year round," she said. "When our facility closes, we travel to Cicero two to three days a week -- these kids also compete summer, winter, spring -- it's a year-round sport for them."

It's a sport that attracts athletes at a young age. They love to take part in everything involved with the sport.

"I like it because you learn very quickly, you get to do all these types of jumps and moves and you get to see what place you get," Brandi Allen said. It's a really good sport."

"I love figure skating, it's like my passion -- I love doing all the different jumps and different spins and moves and dances," Maggie Fipps said. "It just makes me happy to come out here."

"I love doing all the different jumps and my coaches push me to do my very best," Morgan Waite said, "and I just love competing because it shows how good you are against the other girls that are doing the same exact thing you are."

It's easy to join the figure skating club.

"We are at the rink Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturdays," Deana Allen said. "They are more than welcome to come down and sign up anytime -- we welcome everyone.

You can also sign up at the Figure Skating Club of Watertown’s website and Facebook page.

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