Undefeated Belleville Henderson sets sights on postseason

Belleville Henderson boys' soccer

BBELLEVILLE, N.Y. (WWNY) - The Belleville Henderson boys' soccer team is a perfect 10-0 so far this season.

Big things are expected from the Panthers come playoff time.

The latest win for the Panthers -- 6-3 over Lyme -- came Tuesday.

Belleville Henderson coach Shawn Maloney says hard work has been the big reason for his team's success.

"I'm blessed to have a bunch of chemistry with these boys, these boys have grown up with each other from day one," he said. "They love the sport -- get them to love the sport and they'll work hard for you."

"We've been playing as a team this year and we've been working real hard in practice and we're confident that we're going to win games," Ryan Green said.

"This year we've bonded more as a team than we did last year and we still have plenty of seniors that I'm very happy for," Garrett Gehrke said. "I'd say definitely team chemistry has been helpful overall."

"Together as a team, we've just been so collectively in sync -- we've all worked together, we know each other so well, we know how each other plays, we know the moves we've all got under our belt," Logan Simpson said. "It's been so easy to put it all together like one big puzzle and work so fluently with each other."

Maloney felt his team had it in them to put together this kind of season.

"I did feel it, I knew it all along," he said. "Just to get them to think they had it in them, to work and believe in themselves."

As far as how far this team can go, the coach says "it's tough to keep these guys motivated and the eye on the prize and to stay humble as well -- they are a very great bunch of young men and I think they got it in them."

"We've always had the same goal and I think this year we're trying to make a good run in sectionals and see how far we can go," Green said.

"He still wants us to go as far as we can and we continue to work as hard as we do," Gehrke said, "so I think we will get there."

“We’ve always expected to put ourselves on top and do the best we possibly could, but the expectations are growing more and more real and I think that now we’re starting to get to the time we have to face it,” Simpson said, “and really do the best we’ve ever done before.”

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